Geo-spatial Data Platform

The Geo–spatial Data Platform is a service of the DARIAH Virtual Research Environment Service Infrastructure. It will offer a web-based open-source repository solution for the management, visualisation and analysis of geo-spatial data. The DARIAH geo-spatial data platform builds on the open source software platform Arches, jointly by the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) and World Monuments Fund (WMF). It uses the widely adopted data standard for heritage datasets, CIDOC CRM, which allows the fullest possible use of Linked Data technology. The platform can be tailored to the needs of specific geo-humanities research projects. Further software developments made in the context of DARIAH will be shared with the community. The latest version of the software can serve as an online multimedia platform providing contextual information about archaeological entries. This online platform will host video, audio, image and textual files as well as real-time data streaming. It is intended to form a basis of a deep mapping platform.

Involved DARIAH-BE partners