Organisation & Governance

At the level of government administration, the National Representing Entity of Belgium in DARIAH-EU is the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO). As the Belgian National Representative, Chris De Loof represents Belgium on the DARIAH-ERIC General Assembly. The Belgian National Representative works closely with the National Representatives from the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation of the Flemish Government (EWI) – Bart Dumolyn – and the Department of Scientific Research of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels (FWB) – Marc Vanholsbeeck. Additionally DARIAH-BE falls under the responsibility of the Social Science and Humanities Research Infrastructures Concertation Group for Horizon 2020 of the International Cooperation Commission (CIS-INFRA-SSH). This is an advisory body of the high-level representatives of the research administration. The contact person for CIS-INFRA-SSH is Aziz Naji.

The scientific and technical activities of DARIAH in Belgium are coordinated by three consortia: DARIAH in Flanders (DARIAH-VL), DARIAH in Federation Wallonia-Brussels (DARIAH-FWB) and Federal Scientific Institutions in DARIAH (DARIAH-FED). More info about the Scientific committee can be found here.