Working groups

The joint activities of DARIAH-EU are organised through Working groups. They are led by DARIAH partner institutions and should lead to the provision of services for the DARIAH community. The establishment of DARIAH Working groups within Belgium and Belgian participation in DARIAH-EU Working groups are key priorities for DARIAH-BE. It is intended that the DARIAH-BE Working groups mirror existing DARIAH-EU Working groups or lead to the establishment of new DARIAH-EU Working groups where one does not currently exist. 

To date the following Working groups exist or are in the process of being established in Belgium: 

  • DARIAH Working group: Meso, Medievalist Sources is an existing Working group jointly coordinated by Belgium and Italy. It aims to structure the digital landscape around data/sources used by all scholars gathered under the umbrella term of "Medievalists". 

  • DARIAH Working group: Sustainable publishing of archival catalogues was formally established as a DARIAH-EU Working group in Autumn 2016. The goal of this Working group is to bring together and communicate about knowledge, hands-on expertise and tools concerning sustainable publishing of archival catalogues. This, by integrating experiences from research infrastructures - such as EHRI, Europeana, APE and others - and in dialogue with the archival institutions. This Working group is coordinated by Belgium together with The Netherlands. 

  • DARIAH Working group: Geo-Humanities. In 2016 concrete steps were taken to establish a Belgian and European DARIAH working group on geo-humanities. The prinicipal aim of the DARIAH Geo-Humanities Working group is to establish a linked open data registry for a wide range of freely available geospatial datasets on the internet applicable to humanities research. A second aim of the working group is to provide freely available, high quality e-schooling about innovative digital geo-humanities practices and research methodologies as part of the #dariahTeach learning platform.