As a Founding Member of DARIAH-EU, the aim of DARIAH-BE is to offer a sustainable portfolio of services enabling digital scholarship in the arts and humanities in Belgium. To realise this, partner institutions are encouraged to establish Digital Humanities Research Centres which together form a humanities-specific digital ecosystem, offering services both within their own institutions and to other institutions in Belgium and beyond. The scientific and technical activities of DARIAH in Belgium are coordinated by three consortia: DARIAH in Flanders (DARIAH-VL), DARIAH in Federation Wallonia-Brussels (DARIAH-FWB) and Federal Scientific Institutions in DARIAH (DARIAH-FED). More info about the Scientific committee can be found here

The day-to-day activities of DARIAH in Belgium are coordinated by Sally Chambers, Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities, Ghent University (DARIAH-VL).