(Digital) Retrospectives on Historiography from Africa. Decolonization, the African press, and the uses of knowledge

This special issue of Práticas da História reflects on contemporary epistemological possibilities and constraints in the writing of history. Therefore, it welcomes both contributions that dwell on African journals (scholarly, literary, artistic and ephemeral periodicals) from the 1950s to 1980s, and on the histories behind said periodicals. We look forward to contributions that explore different and contested visions of decolonization and future-making for the African continent and its diaspora. We also invite articles investigating differently situated historiographies from Africa: that use local vernacular by incorporating idiom, local imagery, myth and folklore; that relate to the present or the deep past. We also encourage more nuanced takes on the “nationalist historiography” that when viewed as a monolith was so dominant at the time.

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